Food Items Not Allowed on the Paleo Diet

Those who are considering getting on the paleo diet may feel motivated because eating paleo has been found to be very effective. Whether you could stand to lose some weight, need to get your blood sugar levels under control, or just want to feel more energetic throughout the day, eating a paleo diet could be just the solution you need.

paleo diet Food Items Not Allowed on the Paleo DietThe paleo diet attempts to recreate the eating habits of the primitive man who lived by hunting and foraging. The paleolithic era, which predates the art of cooking and agriculture, produced humans who were free from most of the diseases and health conditions that plague modern man today. Despite the lack of modern medicine, the paleolithic man did not suffer from cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, and others.

To get on the paleo diet, an individual must have the discipline and resolve to entirely eliminate all modern food from his diet such as grains, dairy and processed foods. While items on the paleo diet does not necessarily have to be consumed raw, they need to be prepared without the addition of any ingredients not compliant with paleo diet restrictions. Here are some of the food items not allowed on the paleo diet:

Paleo Diet Food List not Allowed Item 1: Grains

Grains such as wheat, oats, barley and rice has no place on the paleo diet. For one thing, grains only became a staple with the advent of the agricultural revolution. Second, cooking was unknown during the paleolithic period; grains, which would be inedible when raw, would not have appealed to the primitive man. The modern diet today happens to be very high in carbohydrates, which is why the typical individual often experiences energy peaks and dips.

Paleo Diet Food List not Allowed Item 2: Dairy

Dairy products such as milk, butter and ice cream are totally banned from the paleo diet. Cows and other milk-producing animals were only raised domestically after the paleolithic period had passed. Milk from other animals than man has been largely found to be incompatible with humansójust read any literature comparing baby formula to breastmilk.

Paleo Diet Food List not Allowed Item 3: Sugars

While indulging a sweet tooth is one of the best things you can enjoy, it was an indulgence unknown to the paleolithic man, who never consumed artificial sugar. Any sugars he consumed were those that occurred naturally, such as fructose in fruits. Additionally, sugar and food products containing sugar, are manufactured with modern methods. Sugar was definitely not something included in the paleolithic manís diet and neither should it be in yours. Eliminating sugar-containing food such as soda and candy automatically reduces your consumption of empty calories, making your weight and blood sugar more stable.

Paleo Diet Food List not Allowed Item 4: Beans and potatoes

The paleo diet espouses eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, but certain vegetables such as beans and potatoes are not allowed. The same goes for carrots, which is actually a more modern vegetable. Eschew starchy vegetables entirely.
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Caila February 4, 2014 at 5:53 pm

I’d love to start the paleo way of life!


Marlon P February 10, 2014 at 3:09 pm

I’m about a 16 year old boy going through puberty. I am about 5’11 and weigh about 149-151 lbs (if thats overweight then please inform me). I utilised to consume horribly (rapid food almost every day and goldfish when I am not consuming burgers). I have never ever been fat but I have a compact gut when i sit and generally have moobs. Over the past three weeks, i’ve stopped drinking soda, rapidly meals and kept snacking to a minimum. I drink a lot of water now. I run 30 minutes a day now also on the elliptical. I know that it’s also soon to judge but nothing at all seems to alter. What do you think I should really do? Recommendations would be appriectiated. THANKS:D


Rassling Fundamentals February 19, 2014 at 12:46 am

Hello! I am a young teenaged girl and i just started the paleo lifestyle about a week ago. Its only been a week so far and im currently noticing good alterations in my physique. I’m not overweight or heavy, i just decided to try this in hope of acheiving a higher level of fitness and health mainly because i box. Though Ive been thinking the previous couple of days. If in the future i make a decision that i would rather stop this way of life would i gain all the weight and fat back that i lost?​ Of course i dont mean going back to my old eating habits. Id pay interest to what i consume and still make healthy alternatives but i would be introducing dairy and whole grains back into my diet regime. As much as i like the concept of continuing to life a primal life style i truly want to delight in my teenaged years and all the wholesome (but not primal) food supplied for the duration of them.


Arminator April 14, 2014 at 5:52 am

I want to lose fat on my body and im deciding to attempt a no carb diet program strategy. i dont know exactly where to even commence on how to begin or exactly where to begin. what do i consume? how lengthy do i do this and how do i introduce foods back into my diet program? i am at present on a low calorie eating plan and want to make the switch asap


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