paleo diet?

by Frank Heathwell on April 23, 2014

paleo paleo diet?

Question by : paleo diet?
Does it work? What are some results youve had from it? Thanks!

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Answer by Michele
I used to follow the Paleo diet, but I no longer do 100% of their recommendations. I think after a while of doing anything you learn what your body needs and likes. To me the most important thing was the removal of grains from my diet but even after a while, that changed. Our bodies go thru changes and their requirements change also. The Paleo diet is a great way to begin but remember it may not be 100% for your needs and just need to adjust accordingly. The best thing is just eating whole foods and not falling into the fast food rut!

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What is a Paleo Diet?

by Frank Heathwell on April 22, 2014

paleo What is a Paleo Diet?

Caveman diet or paleo diet (short for Paleolithic diet) is one of the most effective dietary plans known. This is based on what we presume of what the human beings during the Paleolithic Era eat. An era which occurred 2.5 million years ago and was put to an end when the development of agriculture came into existence.

Basically the diet consists of: Grass-fed meats, fish, fruit, roots, and nuts.

The paleo diet plan withdraws from any artificial processed, and preserved foods which are readily available in an instant anytime anywhere.

Grains, salt, processed oils, legumes, and  any other food that is not available yet during the said era are not including in this special type of diet. Pizza crust, bread, pancakes, and any food that contain sugar should be taken out and erased from the list of foods one can eat.

The concept behind this type of eating plan is to take one back to the form of eating the original ancestor once had. Thereby, excluding all other treats and foods that are available during after the Paleolithic era and up to now.

This is solely based on the notion that the choice of foods during that time are really beneficial to the body because there are no preservatives and generally their foods where free from disease. There are however disadvantages to this form of diet. The beings that existed before, the hunters, as what they are called, significantly lacked calories which produced problems. If one will be prolonged to the exposure of this diet hazards to health may happen.

One should always be prepared and conditioned mentally before the diet plan is started.

Because the body is used to certain foods, it will take a time before it will get used to this type of diet. A great change of life is to come, not just in the choice of foods but also in the body and abilities.

In deciding to take part in this diet, a person should always be kept motivated. First of all, one should do research about this type of diet to know it well. Then establish goals and indentifying the reasons why you pursue change. That person should also learn to let go of any unhealthy habits for it will hinder the effectiveness of this dietary plan. This is in exchange for a more energetic  and a best lean life.

In preparation, proper listings of do-not-eat foods should also be followed and one should stick to this listing in order to be successful in ones goal.

Gradually, the cravings of one for food will eventually go away.  Accompany the diet with the right exercise and activities so that you will be more healthier and lose weight faster.

Paleo Diet can alse help prevent diseases suchs as acne, asthama, Diabetes Type 2, arthritis, inflammation, carbohydrate craving, binge eating, food addiction, irritable bowel symbol, systematic lupus, and many other more.  In addition, as a person gets deeper into this program, the metabolic rate increases upon which one can still eat more yet still stay slim or get still get slimmer. Many says that generally it increases the energy of a person in working and thus well being is also improved. As to recipes, there are numerous of them that are available in order to still taste variations of food even if there are limited types of food that can be eaten. Much excess weight is also being loosed even with a less exercise.

Nonetheless, there are split testimonies as to its effectiveness. For some they claim that it has given them a great health boost and for some they said that they had been sick because of the said diet. It is one of the most controversial diets in the world.

To sum it up, not all that works for one works for all. It may work effectively for some not because every person is different. Obviously this form of diet is not for everyone. That is why it just right to consult a doctor or a dietician in order to ensure that this program fits you. At the end it is still ones choice and willingness to be disciplined that determines the effectiveness of a certain dietary plan.

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